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I was stopped by a loss prevention and gave my license, did

Customer Question

I was stopped by a loss prevention and gave my license , did not sign anything . He said I would be getting a civil fine letter in mail. no police were called, What happens after the fine is pay. you get a release letter.
JA: You just pay a $5 deposit now and the rest only when you get a reply from the Criminal Lawyer. All of this is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so you can get a refund if you're not happy for any reason. Since laws vary from place to place, what state is this in? And when did this happen?
Customer: 8/30/16
JA: Have you talked to a laywer yet?
Customer: no
JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: it is in new jersey 08043
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
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I'm Zoey and I'll be assisting you. I'm reviewing your question now. Are you online at this time?

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Is this question free
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No. It is not free. Do you still wish an answer??

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That's correct.

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You'd need to check with customer service. I am just a criminal lawyer. I have nothing to do with site membership or billing issues. To make sure that this is a one time fee, after we are done contact customer service at***@******.***. They will make sure you don't have a monthly subscription.

Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.

When you are caught shoplifting and a store wants to proceed against you, they can do so civilly and/or criminally.

In your case, the police were never involved and you dealt only with store security. This means that they are not looking to arrest you. That’s good because it means that this incident will never appear on your criminal record.

Instead of involving the police, the store likely had you sign a form which will bar you from that store. You’ll be expected to abide by the stay-away agreement or you can be arrested for trespass if they find you in there ever again.

You have also been told that you will hear from the store's lawyers who will demand that you pay a civil fine. It will be a much higher amount than the value of the property you allegedly stole. This is because your state's civil law allows merchants to charge in excess of what you took to help defray the cost of their security system, their theft insurance, their security personnel and their loss prevention department.

If you pay the fine that should be the last of it and nobody need know anything about this incident because it will not be on your record.

If you don't pay that fine, the store is unlikely to sue you because it would cost them more to do that than what the case is worth. But they can decide at that point to turn your file over to the police and have you prosecuted.

The store can still choose to involve the police for up to 1 year after the incident. After that the statute of limitations runs out on an Jersey disorderly person's offense and the matter would be considered too old to be prosecuted.