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I sold a car for $6,000 that I guess the state thought was

Customer Question

I sold a car for $6,000 that I guess the state thought was sold under value because they sent a letter to the buyer in order to confirm the price. I had to fill out my part of the form which included confirming the price. There was also another space to fill something in and she said something like, "I guess you put the VIN# *****" so I did. later I thought that I should have read what it actually said because I filled in the VIN# ***** I didn't actually read what they were asking for. So while I did put the correct price I filled in the Vin# ***** an area that I do not know what they actually wanted. This concerns me because when I signed I saw that it said that I was signing under penalty of perjury. If I filled in the Vin instead of what was required could I actually be charged with perjury or would they just consider it a mistake and only be concerned with the actual price of the car, which I filled in correctly? I don't think a mistake is perjury.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Loren replied 11 months ago.
Perjury requires intent. You do not commit perjury by mistake. You can file a corrected document if it gets kicked back, but it is very unlikely anyone will accuse of perjury because you filled in a form incorrectly.