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Bonnie and clyde were involved i an incident monday night

Customer Question

bonnie and clyde were involved i an incident monday night late in inner city indianapolis
clyde is 51 white male spotless record other than couple traffic tickets only hiccup is recently clyde got a ticket for expired plates which he has fixed the plates but let the date to pay the ticket so got a noticde of suspended lic so at the time of incident he is driving on suspended licbonnie has a long record including time in federal prison, state prison in the past and more recently was driving drunk ran a car thru a house almost killing an old lady so so spent 77 days in jail and is out on two years home detention, so a week or so ago bonnie gets a second charge for promotion of prostitution so i guess they rolled both charges into one or something like that, she signed a new bond has some pay 3k bail her out while she awaits trial in november or so at which time she is very fearful of prison time . meantime she is no longer on house arrest just cant leave the stateso the stage is set
monday night late bonnie and clyde are in clydes car and clyde is driving
in the car they have meth, zanex, herion, and suboxone
they get pulled over clyde is fumbling for his regristration meanwhile police see bonnie trying to hide some pills so out of the car and into handcuffs they both go police seperate them so they cant talk to each other meanwhile car search continueswhen complete search yields a big zip lock back with lots of the above mentioned product in, about a gram of meth, six zanex, 10 suboxine , i dont know that they found the herion or not because it later came out that bonnie had swallowed a fair amount of the sustancethey take clyde to the side for interogation first, clyde has no exprience with this, is scared to death, not wise to the tricks and tactics used by police to obtain info, in fact the cop thinks he is disrespecting him and gets angry puts him back on the curb, then they take bonnie and interogate her for a much longer period of timethen the cop and bonnie emerge the cop looks at clyde and says " you are the luckiest mf in the world she took the whole dam rap for you!!fast foward half hour or so clyde is uncuffed and on his way back to the affluent norhern suburbs suspended lic and allbonnie has the medics checking her out due to swallowing the herionso clyde is back to his life bonnie is in county jail awaiting trial for now three charges and transfer to state prison next weekso basically bonnie said all the drugs were hers and clyde had no knowledgeif bonnie had not done this what would have happened to clydeor if both said the other or neither would admit how would that have likely been charged
how much would the fact they were in clydes car effected it
how significat would the vast difference in criminal backgrounds ratedin a nut shell how much did bonnie save cylde from and how much did she add to her own situation by say ing all the drugs were hers
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question.

if bonnie had not done this what would have happened to clyde?

They would have pressed the same charges against both of them.

The fact they they were in his car does not have any affect, the situation would be the same if they had been in her car or a rented car.

His prior clean record would have been a factor at sentencing if he was convicted, as her prior bad record will be a factor at sentencing.

in a nut shell how much did bonnie save cylde from and how much did she add to her own situation by say ing all the drugs were hers

She saved him from a world of hurt, and she made her situation slightly worse. It is doubtful that she could convince a jury that all the contraband was Clyde's so if they had gone to trial she would probably have a 99% chance of conviction and Clyde would have a 90% chance.

He should be helping her make bail and/or find a good attorney if he can afford to. Assuming that they jointly possessed the contraband, he should be extremely grateful to her.

I hope this information is helpful.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you thats what i thought just wanted confermatonfrom what i understand since she was pending trial for two charges if she got caught jay walking she was heading to rockville for min two years but to get a posession charge i dont think there was any bond/bail optionclyde got a call today i guess bonnie acting as her own attorney had a bang up day in court, today they covered the first two charges she got a sweatheart deal on the first and got the second one dropped! plus gets credit for days already served so something like two and half years less 201 days so bout year and half and with other arrangements can walk in less than a year with model prisoner behaviortommorrow goes for the possession charge received monday night so we are praying errr i mean clyde is praying and keeping fingrs crossed
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 1 year ago.

It sounds like they are cutting her some slack for having confessed and saved them the trouble of having a trial, but she is entitled to have an attorney appointed to advise her is she cannot afford one. Only a local attorney will know if she is getting a good deal or not. It would be helpful for her if she can convince them to have the sentence on the remaining charge run concurrently with the other sentences. If it was possession of a large quantity she should definitely consult an attorney. because she could be changed with possession with intent to sell which is much worse than a simple possession charge.

Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.

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