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I had won a substantial lawsuit settlement and put the money

Customer Question

I had won a substantial lawsuit settlement and put the money in my and my ex-husbands checking account to be used to purchase a home, after paying off all my and his high amount of debt. He had lost his job and spent each day drinking heavily ad he was a serious alcohol all his life while I went to work. He had a daughter that I raised and supported and made the majority of his child support payments. While at work he forged my name in order to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars then he opened an Ameritrade account forged my name as an authorized account owner along with him and lost every dime. He forged my name with the bank and the Federal trade commission. He also forged a check my daughter received from financial aid for $8'000 now she's stuck paying for it, ruined her credit and can't go back to school, AFTER I PAID FOR HIS DAUGHTER TO GET HER BACHELORS DEGREE WITH NO HELP FROM HER MOM AND ALMOST NONE FROM HIM.h e chested, stole,lied stole and forged my credit cards, never paid taxes on his earnings unbeknownst to me and had my wages garnished, my savings account wiped out, betrayal he was a a nasty alcoholic on cocaine and used my credit cards to renovate his ex-wifes house and hid the bills and destroyed my credit. I am disabled due to a serious stroke and brain surgery, developed fibromyalgia due to his abuse, took my paychecks sway from me, have severe epilepsy, severe migraines, have severe permanent post stroke nerve pain, can't afford to pay for medication o need, suffered an emotional breakdown and major depressive disorder due to his treatment, he's a black belt in Taikwon do and was always abusive. My daughter is dying of stage four breast cancer with two small children. I have difficulty buying food, suffer badly from three issues of severe PTSD AND found out today we're losing our home and will soon be homeless. He's the sole heir to several million dollars and was in contempt of court because he refused to pay the taxes he owed and I got punished for. I have severe epilepsy, severe migraines, permanent post stroke nerve pain and I worked two jobs and went to school nights in order for us to have a good life. I'm desperate and want to know if it is at all possible to get my and my daughters money back from him. I know that there is a statute of limitations but he didn't care about me so much and was just a resource waiting for his inheritance he actually helped me pack,load my car up and never felt bad or remorse for anything he did. He was about 61 when we split up and moved in with his 90 year old parents. Is there some way legally that he has to give me and my daughter what he stole from us? Anything. Please, please anything help you can give me would save my life and as .y daughter'life is coming to an end, and I've already lost my son, anything you can find in the law would be so very much appreciated.
Thank you. God bless.
Dolores M ********* and
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Lucy, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Hi Dolores, I'm Lucy, and I'd be happy to answer your questions today. I'm so sorry to hear that he put you through all this. When did your husband force the checks and take your money? And when did you divorce?

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