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I would like to know my options to get someone to cease and

Customer Question

I would like to know my options to get someone to cease and desist all communications with me. I reside in New Jersey. The person is the supervising security guard at the college I graduated from during May of 2015, located in New York City. The situation does not fall under the domestic violence laws of either state.After incidents that transpired at the school, I filed Title IX complaints against students at the school. The school never investigated my claims and the administration has retaliated against me for zealously fighting to have my claims heard. I am not allowed to enter school property without the permission of the security supervisor.Last summer (2015) I had told the security supervisor never to contact me outside of normal business hours. That request stemmed from two prior disturbing emails from the members of the school administration.1) an email at around 5:30 am on a Saturday
2) an email on a Sunday evening threatening my career because I dropped a class.After having sent the email requesting that I should not be contacted outside of normal business hours, and explaining that I found her communications alarming and harassing, I received another email (from the security supervisor) on Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. This email banned me from school property without her express permission.I did not respond since the September 2015 email. Around March 20, 2016, my father contacted the security supervisor by email. He stated:“Do not contact my son. If that is not clear, I will explain. He will never be contacting you. You are never to contact him! If you feel the need to contact (harass) him, you will contact me and then I will contact an attorney who will respond on behalf of my son. Some communication rises to the level of criminal harassment and I believe that you have reached that level already.”I am certain that the security supervisor received the email because she responded to my father.I opened my email this week and I noticed that she contacted me again. She stated: “I checked to see if you sent in an RSVP to any of the alumni dinners. I see that you did for a dinner on March 31, 2016. If you step onto school property, you will be asked to leave.”I do not want this person to ever contact me again. She has no business with me. I have not attempted to go to the school and I am not planning in the near future.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Irwin Law replied 1 year ago.
It's pretty hard, and perhaps even impossible to do what you are trying to do without going to court in order to obtain an injunction/restraining order. If you and/or your father are not willing to tangle with the school and its personnel in the New York City Court system, then I would suggest that you simply use the delete key when and if you see an email coming from that individual or the school. Courts are not likely to view the type of email contact that you described as seriously as you would wish them to. I hope that this adequately addresses your question.