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What is the usual jail time first-offense misdemeanor?

Customer Question

What is the usual jail time for a first-offense misdemeanor?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.
Hello, What is the misdemeanor?
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.
I was hoping to hear back from you. If you're asking whether jail is a possible penalty for a misdemeanor conviction, the answer is yes. Some allow for up to 6 months of jail time, others allow for a year. If you're asking whether jail is likely for a first offender, the answer is, that the only way a first offender would end up going to jail for a misdemeanor is if he fights the case all the way to trial and is convicted, if he warrants on his case and is brought back involuntarily, if the facts are very, very ugly. The overwhelming number of first misdemeanor offenders are looking at nothing worse than probation if they want to resolve their case with a plea bargain. If you reply here on this question thread and tell me what you are charged with, I can be more specific.