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My bookkeeper stole over 1mm actually 740,000 was by wire to

Customer Question

My bookkeeper stole over 1mm actually 740,000 was by wire to her Amex account. She admitted it and we deposed her and got a useless NJM judgement for 517,000. We forced a sheriffs sale of her house but she zoomed up the home equity and net of sheriff Atty and realto we have only recouped 50 k in restitution. I used all of my iras to pay my creditors and customers and am still in business. State police did 9 month investigation. We have no local p d Now in county prosecutors office that has 4 year year backlog in cases that are non is in 2 cash business bar and tanning salon and some was traced to Belize. Two theives are 67 and 76 years old. And have not been arrested or charged criminally. Firing and discovery and audit was 15 months ago. Since it is wire and banking and Amex can I involve us Atty or fbi or bank or Amex fbi. Or is this too small and too old. Their adult offspring have the cash and 76 year old man. My 20 year employee and ex IBM er admits everything including 40 k cash transfers to kids in defiance of judgement. No contempt by judge. Just verbal warning. Am I totally screwed and the elderly can steal 1,000,000 with impunity
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.


The statute of limitations for almost all Federal crimes is 5 years. The remainder are even longer. So if this incident took place within the past 5 years, it would not be too late to involve Federal authorities. You could contact the FBI by going to the field office nearest you. The amount involved is large enough so that they could potentially be interested in investigating and prosecuting, particularly if they've moved the monies around out of state or out of the country.