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Ely, Counselor at Law
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How are you Zoey? and I was notified yesterday by the Sister

Customer Question

How are you Zoey? My name is ***** ***** I was notified yesterday by the Sister of a young lady that I dated that on 12/23 she filed something against me for stalking.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This woman is highly intelligent, extremely cunning and extremely beautiful, so I left the relationship because I simply did not want to continue dating someone with multiple personalities. She stole several of my credit cards and fraudulently purchased 40k worth of furniture, many of it for children (I don't have any), homegoods, apparel, etc., which was extremely outside of my spending pattern. I reported all of the charges (dozens and dozens) to the credit card companies, along with all of her contact information, as i was finally able to piece together so many on-line purchases that I practically never do. Then, I went to the police department and filed an affidavit, so now the police are pursuing criminal charges. She has been aware of my having contacted both the credit card companies, as well as the police. Approx 4-5 months has now transpired and she has not done anything to me until her Sister sent her and their family a message concerning how ashamed she should be to already have two different children with two different men. I thought I was going to be the 3rd lucky guy several months ago, along with a medical doctor thinking the same thing, as he reached out to me and we were BOTH sent the same picture of the same, little fetus, claiming to each of us that it was ours. She never thought he and I would cross paths. The estranged Sister also said something about a private investigator just a couple of days ago trying to make contact with the estranged Sister about the baby maker. She immediately assumed it was me, however the credit card companies have told me that they've shockingly written off the charges and the detective has told me that this process is so slow, besides the fact that i can't imagine the police outsourcing private service to a PI. I think it could be some other issue she has entangled herself in, as I've learned she's always had problems, like a battery charge once, then a breaking and entering charge another time, plus a bunch of more minor things, besides several judgements and liens aganst her. This woman is approx 30 years old, has never, ever had a full time job, has two children from two different men, nearly had a 3rd one with either myself, or the doctor, however she aborted that baby and since then, she has become pregnant AGAIN by a very successful, international, commercial pilot. He is besides himself, as she told him the same thing she told the doctor and myself, which was that she was on birth control. Approx 5 months has gone by and the 'baby maker' and I have made absolutely no contact with one another. Then, just yesterday, I was contacted by her estranged Sister, who I have never spoken with before. Her estranged Sister sent her and the family a message stating that she should be ashamed of herself for continuing to seek out wealthy men, then mislead them into getting pregnant. The baby maker responded through her attorney that the estranged Sister needs to immediately stop saying defamatory things about her. However, that legal document sent to the estranged sister contained in the subject line, "the baby maker vs me"? She seems to have filed some legal action against me for stalking, supposedly due to this PI trying to contact people to get whatever information he can on the baby maker. She lives approx 325 miles away from me and during our relationship I never visited her, while she visited me many times. We haven't had any form of communication for many months, she's been in and out of one relationship to have fallen into another and getting pregnant for the 4th time that I'm aware of, which looks like it will be her 3rd child with a different man. So, here we are and unfortunately I happen to be the male, especially in this litigious society. I have a REALLY good reputation. I sold my previous two companies, which were highly regulated to a public company and I have fortunately been able to successfully build another two, highly regulated companies, which I'm currently in charge of and it just appears to be so incredibly unfortunate that my good reputation could be tarnished by the individual, that has habitually been in and out of trouble, who truth be told, is actually the stalker, as I dealt with it briefly, but now it looks like I am again, the Doctor sent me text messages showing how many dozens of unanswered calls she'd place to him in the middle of the night and now the airline pilot has a private BOLO out on him. I was thinking of retaliation, which is what she appears to be doing, however I'd prefer to just move on, HOWEVER I refuse to do that unless I can somehow get this stalking order removed from my good name. If a person abuses the legal system like she has, and is, can something even be done in my defense when it's a women and the situation is stalking, which seems like it can be conjured up into extreme harassment, depending on how clever and tenacious the woman is??I would sincerely ***** ***** guidance?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.


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