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Ely, Counselor at Law
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  Private practice with focus on family, criminal, PI, consumer protection, and business consultation.
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Dear Lawyer: Thanks, in advance, on my question. To make a

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Dear Lawyer:
Thanks, ***** ***** for working on my question.
To make a long story as short as possible...
As an allied health care worker, I recently applied for a medical job on Craigslist. I received a swift response from the supposed owner of the medical practice; he claimed that he was on "international business" and, right now, needed someone to run errands for him including purchasing of materials and managing his PO Box. He claimed this could turn into longer-term employment at the office when he was back in the country.
I quickly flagged this as a scam after I received a similar e-mail from the same guy when I applied for a completely unrelated job on Craigslist. In the second e-mail, the guy gave a different return date to the US than in the first e-mail.
However, yesterday I received a legitimate Bank of America check in the mail for ~$2,000 as well as an e-mail from the guy saying to expect the check as an advance for services rendered, yet to be determined. He got my address from my resume.
He told me to deposit the check to my bank and, once the funds have cleared, he'll provide further instructions on what to do.
This still stinks of illegal scam to me, although the check looks legitimate. So, theoretically, if I gave him the benefit of the doubt and cashed the check, and then it turned out to be for illegal activities I had no knowledge of, could I be prosecuted for conspiracy or involvement?
Note: I did NOT cash the check! I need sound advice from a lawyer before I proceed with any of this, because it just seems too shady.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  ScottyMacEsq replied 1 year ago.

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How much is the value of the check?

Expert:  ScottyMacEsq replied 1 year ago.

Did you see my follow up question?

Expert:  ScottyMacEsq replied 1 year ago.

Are you there? Please note that I am still here, awaiting your response.... Should I continue to await your response, or may I assist the other customers that are waiting?

Expert:  ScottyMacEsq replied 1 year ago.

My apologies, but I must assist the other customers that are waiting. Once you respond to my follow up question, I will respond as soon as I can. Please note that I may be assisting other customers or otherwise out of the office (depending when you respond). Thank you.