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I do have an attorney. My first attorney died shortly after

Customer Question

I do have an attorney. My first attorney died shortly after his office took $20k from my family, they never informed us my attorney was waiting in the hospital for a liver transplant where he died.
The state bar is doing nothing. I am trying to construct questions as a starting point for my court appointed public defender. I will be sending these questions to the PD for further discussions. I appreciate your input. I am trying to establish with these
questions true facts. All these questions are being directed to the lead FBI Investigator. He put the case together and worked hand in hand with the prosecutors, and wrote extensively about each subject in his "Application for Warrants", "Indictment". The
first question should have been (plural) "defendant" not "defendants". ( I messed up again). The lead investigator wrote extensively about this "Civil Settlement Agreement " in the "Indictments" and "Warrants" and worked hand in hand with the prosecutors in
putting the case together. Question 1: Can the investigator be asked questions about the "Settlement agreement"? The "Settlement Agreement" had 7 stipulations in regards ***** ***** Estate Business. They claim this "Settlement Agreement" was breeched and will
introduce it in the criminal trial. However the defendant was not forbidden or restricted from doing bookkeeping chores for a real estate company. This question is trying to establish the fact that "Bookkeeping" was not restricted. Can this question be asked?
Question 2: "Did the "Settlement Agreement" have any restrictions prohibiting the defendant from doing any bookkeeping chores? The "Trustee's Deed Upon Sale", a document that is in discovery, clearly states the following: "Debt to the Bank" "The consideration
the bank Received at the Trustee Sale" and either "The Profit or Loss" at the Trustee Sale. We are trying to establish the true facts of the amount of funds the bank either profited or loss at the trustee sale. Could the investigator be asked this question?
Question 3: Is it true that the "Trustees Deed Upon Sale" shows a debt of $75K, and consideration of $100K and excess funds of $25K. I appreciate your candid comments and am truly thankful for your expertise. Thanking You In Advance
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law