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Well thanks response... I thought about the license

Customer Question

Well thanks for your response... I thought about the license situation. My Illinois License is not valid any longer because I turn it in to the Nebraska MVD in 1996 when I moved there and then I turn in my Nebraska License when I moved to Arizona in 1998
which is active free of any violations and clear. However I did call Illinois Secretary State DL do to some incomplete paper work from Markham 6th district the secretary of state suspended the Illinois non valid number this was done to remedy the missing documents
and it is my understanding now that without the court document a SR22 Mandatory 6 month supervision is imposed on Illinois Drivers… But since I am not license in Illinois an out of state waiver needs to be put on file and that clears that situation right up
or the original document from the court dismissing the supervision… But this is something I never would have known because I do not have a valid Illinois driver’s license and it has nothing to do with Arizona. It was explained to me by this police sergeant
that if the license was suspended at the time the officer ran the number then he had probable cause. I don’t know how true that is…because no one has inquired, mention or seems to be the least interested about the traffic violations… I have attempted talk
about the young lady that was in the car with me and when I was asked to step out of the vehicle the officers left her in the vehicle while they escorted me to the corner to be body search by the female officer that came to assist after I was check he place
me in the back of the another officers squad and informed me that he was going to search the vehicle and inquired if he was going to find anything…he went on further to say that it would be to my advantage to tell him now while he could help me because later
would be to late… I explain to go ahead there was nothing in the car… He went back to the car asked the young lady still sitting in the vehicle to step out and he begin his search after allowing her to remove her things from the backseat. I noticed when he
got to the backseat the officer reached in from the passenger side and grab my book bag from behind the driver side when it should have been in the front driver seat where I left it after he requested I step out of the vehicle I never seen him remove anything
else out of the vehicle but on that table in the room where he took me to show me the drugs there was also baking soda and some other objects like a tupperware containers and I think paraphernalia not sure about anything else I still have not seen my charges
or truly know what I am up against….Oh but they let the other young lady go without so much as a pat down… All advice you provide me is considered educational and I truly thank you The young lady was a female that was tipping around with my nephew behind her
man friends back…after my untimely arrest and return home on EM later Sunday it stands to reason that the stuff was her mans along with the weed she had but did not get the opportunity to hide…she was scared they were going to search her not the car she explained
to my nephew that she had heard the other officer call for the tow truck so when he asked her to step out of the vehicle she thought they were going search her and they were just going tow the vehicle because she did not have a drivers license only a ID…but
that was the only reason she was with me in the first place my nephew had her helping me return a rental car to Midway Airport he did not feel comfortable driving that far and not knowing his way so he asked her if she had her license she told him yes so he
asked her to go to help drive the rental car back comes to the light after they asked me to step out of the car I yell for her to get in the drivers seat take the car the house tell my nephew Tray what happen and to go tell my husband…Officer immediately stated
that she was not driving the vehicle I exclaimed why not I am giving her permission the drive my vehicle…he promptly stated because she does not have a Driver’s License…I looked at her and inquired you Lied to Tray and me that you had a License…
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

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