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I am selfemployed Arborist, I took a deposit of 225.00

Customer Question

Hell I am selfemployed Arborist, I took a deposit of 225.00 dollars on a 1200.00 dollar tree job. On my contract there is a spot for when work is to be completed but I live in Wisconsin and road limits are on in spring so I was not sure when contract was filled out. I just told the client it would be in summer but not sure at the time. He was fine with it said no hurry some time this summer would be fine. A month and a half later I called him and set up a date provided rain would stop because I had to take a 35 thousand pound bucket truck across his lawn. Well we had record rain then I ran into some mechanical problems all stated in the contract that this can happen to cause delays. Long story short roughly 2 months went by and the client said he didnt want me to do the job any more. I told him I already bought screaned top soil and some supplies to do his job. I told him I didnt know about a refund on his deposit. He called on a Friday and I told him I would be out that following Tuesday to do the job no matter what. He said no no no you have one week to give my full deposit back.
Next thing I know a privite investigator from the DA office is asking me to come in for questioning. I was like for WHAT is this a joke ? He said nope we are looking at pressing charges on you for misdemeanor theft - moveable property .
I have no criminal record bot i did get an obstruction to an officer once about 8 years ago at a party .
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  PhillipsEsq replied 2 years ago.

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