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They are playing games with us. The attorney called the

Customer Question

They are playing games with us. The attorney called the probation officer. It was agreed she could work for me. Before the attorney took it to the judge. He asked the PO in a email to put it in writing. She then twisted it around. We prepaid over a thousand
in fines, have taken time off our schedule with a loss of income. They are expecting 10/ day daily reportiing and 15.00 day for GPS bracelet plus 100 month in fines. But she isn't allowed to work on the farm for me. The PO TOLD MY DAUGHTER TODAY YOU PUSH THIS
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.


I think you are saying that probation agreed to let your daughter work for you but that after she was placed on probation, probation is not allowing this.

Probation does have the authority to keep your daughter away from those people, places and things that the PO believes would be triggers that could cause her to reoffend. I don't know why the PO objects to her working on the farm with you, but if you have a criminal record, for example, or if you are the complainant on the case that got her placed on probation, or if something in the nature of the work would put her at risk of violating her probation, her PO can require that she find some other job.

I have seen probation keep couples from getting married, require husbands to live apart from their wives, and keep parents from their children, when the facts and circumstances of their cases makes probation feel that this is necessary. So I'm not surprised to hear what they've ordered here. Probation has the power to do this, so long as their decision isn't an abuse of their power.

Your daughter has a right to a hearing on this issue. She should contact her lawyer, who can get the matter back before the judge and try to convince the judge to order that she can work on the farm. The judge has the power to overrule probation. They don't like to do so, because probation gets to know defendants better than they do, but they can and will to prevent an injustice.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you read the contents from beforeI no criminal I am the parent she was released to our custody , rather than prison , for misdemeanors no felonies etc. one of the PO's sent the judge a email and we have no idea what she emailed the judge but he then said she is not to leave the home except for probation treatment and to do ua's 2 times a week.
Spent a ton of money paid over 1500 in fines 7000 in lawyer fees providing room and board. Now for unknown reasons the judge will not allow her to work on the farm but wants 10/ day for daily reporting and 15/ day for GPS. That's over 750 a month plus wants us to take time off work to haul her around.I am not doing it
Every day in the paper I read where a felon sex offender gets probation and has ankle bracelet removed etc
She got it for multiple shoplifting, because she was hooked on opiates. But yet we cannot get approval to take her for treatment for opiates eitherAnother thing is 2 years ago there is a guy if a 20 year history of theft
He fraudulently used my cc card for 2 k bought a pickup for 22k put stop payment on check. Kept pickup had 4 felonies
Was ordered to pay me 100/ month has paid only 100. I keep on them they do nothing and he walks the streets. Yes I am very discouragedI was played and used and lied toI am no criminal , I am a good citizen who tried to help my daughter n state
But their system wants to play games
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.

I understand the nature of your problem. I don't know why the court objects to your daughter working on your farm. They can, however impose that condition and instruct your daughter to find some other job in order to meet her financial obligations. The only thing that your daughter can do is to contact her lawyer who can file to get the judge to reconsider his position, or, alternatively to appeal the judge's decision to a higher court.