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My son got into trouble while in college. He as arrested

Customer Question

My son got into trouble while in college. He as arrested for felony burglary. His lawyer had it reduced to trespass occupied structure and petit theft. He was ordered to do 35 days on county work program, random alcohol checks 1 time per week and probation for a year. The year will be up soon and he has not done all of his days. What happens if he does not finish his days.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 2 years ago.


If probation checks before the year is up and finds that your son has not completed his requirements, they can lodge a violation. When your son appears on that violation, he could be resentenced to jail. That's the worst case scenario, but it's been known to happen.

Your needs to get on top of this situation and get as many of those work days behind him before the end of his that he possibly can so that he does not look like he's simply ducking his work program. And then, if he's violated, he can ask for an extension to finish the rest of the days. In my experience, the judge will likely extend his probation so that he can complete the final requirements.