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I got a speeding ticket in 2013 and went to court originally

Customer Question

I got a speeding ticket in 2013 and went to court originally to do defensive driving. I lost my ticket last year and forgot the court date and didn't pay the ticket. The court website says "warrant in JIMS". I have never had a warrant before but I am not able to pay it right now. I got laid off in June of this year and am currently only have unemployment assistance for income. I have a potential job opportunity that involves school age children and is requiring a background check and fingerprinting at the DPS office. Will this warrant show up on a background check? Will I get arrested if I show up at the DPS office to get my fingerprint clearing done?
Thank you for your help,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.


JIMS stands for the Justice Information Management System, which is the computer program that keeps track of criminal records. So, unfortunately, yes, your warrant would be in the state's database, and when it is accessed for a background check, it should turn up.

Speeding tickets are generally class C misdemeanors, and the only possible sentence is a fine. With that in mind, although the police could arrest you for the warrant and bring you to court when you show up to get your fingerprint clearing done, they would more likely just warn you. And a prospective employer might not be too dismayed at a warrant for an unpaid traffic ticket. All the same, paying the fine now -- even if you have to use credit or borrow to do so -- is the best way to avoid an arrest and not risk the employment opportunity