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You've been most helpful.. thank you. One last

Customer Question

You've been most helpful.. thank you. One last question.. I am a 61 year old male.. no prior arrests.. not a single misdemeanor charge in my entire lifetime... not even a speeding ticket in many years. As I wrote, a NYS Police detective has, off and on,
been investigating me for alleged grand larceny for over three years now. I have no idea what these allegations are about. The detective wants me to come in and be processed and says that he will recommend that I be released ROR, if I come in voluntarily from
my home state. I have major health issues with heart disease, diabetes, and eye problems. I do have local counsel, who is also a small claims judge in Dutchess County. He's a good man, but very busy and difficult to reach. The long and short of it.. what would
you recommend I do? Should I go in, get arrested and hope that the detective is being truthful about my being released ROR? Should I insist on knowing what the charges are before going in to be processed? Should I have my counsel with me during processing?
Need your expertise.. I am very frightened.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  CrimDefense replied 1 year ago.

You are welcome and I am sorry about the delay. This is a criminal matter, so it may be best to retain a criminal defense attorney to represent you. If the attorney you have now is busy and handles mainly civil issue, a criminal attorney may better suit you. Even if you are not ROR, a bail will be set and you can bond out in a few hours. Either way, you will be out, as it is unlikely this would be something with a no bond hold. If you do appear, you should 100% have your counsel present with you every step of the way and have a bail bondsman ready to go, if needed.