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My son was arrested multiple threatening phone calls that he

Customer Question

My son was arrested for making multiple threatening phone calls that he was going to "beat their asses " across state lines to state officials at a college campus because they permanently suspended him from college and also an FBI agent that said he was available to help him. He was in Denver they are in Buffalo. The probation investigator in Denver recommended he be bonded but his Public Defender told him to wave the bond hearing to Buffalo because he had ties there (his parents) so they extradited him to Buffalo he is awaiting a bond hearing but I am afraid that they won't bond him because now he is back in the area of the college that he called (where we the parents live) because they will say he is a danger to the community, being so close to those state officials and the college that he was suspended from. These officials say they are afraid of my son really playing it up, can they just put a monitor on him or something? or will they keep him incarcerated?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.


As a general rule, you can expect that he will be allowed bond. Frankly, while the people that he allegedly threatened are influential, I have had clients in this state who have made far more serious threats and who have been allowed bond. Also the fact that the judge and probation out in Denver were willing to recommend bond indicates that they believe that bond will prevent him from violating any protective order in favor of the state officials. Yes, too, if they are unduly concerned about the fact that he's back in NYS, his lawyer can argue for release with house arrest.