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Hammer O'Justice
Hammer O'Justice, Criminal Lawyer
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Incarcerated son (low level) 3 heart attacks,diabetes,

Customer Question

Incarcerated son (low level) 3 heart attacks,diabetes, hypertension,high blood pressure, previous cancer operation, severe arthritus , severe depression - ONE doctor for 1,400 inmates/ 84 year old mother with many disabilities needs
Him - who can I turn to? DESPERATE
Dan's mother I was promised he would be placed in a California prison because of my age and medical condition but instead was sent to LaTuna prison in ElPaso for one mistake in his life he made in 1993.
Was told so many lies - his Atty convinced him to file no appeal, no return she promised the bonds would be removed from his property and all personal property removed - that happened in 2013 and still bonds and personal property issue has not been resolved. He was charged with mild possession of child porn proven by tech investigators not to have been touched since 1993. No distribution. He was deeply depressed, company he worked for closed, unemployed, financial troubles,foreclosure. Whether he looked at it out of being inquisitive or curious I don't know. His psychiatrists wrote a letter to the court stating Dan was no threat to society. Yet Judge who has no criminal experience sentenced him to seven+ years, file as a sex offender, would not accept psychiatrists letter, no consideration would be given his medical record -; Judge said Federal Prisons have high rated medical facilities, no consideration for my age or health issue's
Prior to that Dan's home was filled with happiness, love and respect. He and his wife are soul mates. His 2 daughters adore him. His grandchildren are confused and lost without him. Hospitality + everyone always welcome the laughter of children, dogs, cats, swimming in the pool, arroma of wifes gourmet cooking, music evetywhere- the say bad things happen to good people and we are the perfect example. When we lived in SanFrancisco Dan never had to look for a job. Companies sought him out. He was a people person,good manager, responsible, honest and trust worthy. His mail.comencing is beyond human indurance and the gravest form of inhumanity so harsh for three monyths months while lost and depressed over financial problems. How in all conscious could my country do this to my beautiful family? Pls advise.
Catherine McGrath (Dan's Mom) [email protected] mail
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 2 years ago.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. So that I can best help you, exactly what information are you looking for? What specifically is your question?