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I was parked in a car with a bag of with about 10-12 grams,

Customer Question

i was parked in a car with a bag of weed with about 10-12 grams, the police officers did not give us names or badge numbers. He then told me i could set up my dealer or i would go to jail and he would call me in a week. I did not sign anything, nor was i arrested, and they did not fill out a report. They took my dealers number and mine and said they would call me in a week to do the set up. My question is, do i have to go through with this? I also feel like they did something wrong and were trying to see how ignorant of the law i am. they also took my name along with my fathers telling use we would both go to jail if i didn't set my dealer up. I really feel like i can not go through with this because i will be in danger and i do not think the cops where in the right. So if i decide not to cooperate could i be charged?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 2 years ago.


My name is ***** ***** I am an experienced criminal lawyer.

Police officers always offer people they catch with drugs the opportunity to get an attractive deal if they want to work as a police informant. Being an informant can be dangerous, and no you don't have to work for the police if you don't want to. Police also don't always keep their promises and many people who agree do turn in their dealers still end up getting charged with a crime.

That said, in my experience you are extremently likely going to get charged with possession of the marijuana. But this is a misdemeanor charge, and the amount involved is fairly minimal. If you have no previous criminal history, you are likely not looking at anything worse than probation or community service, and with a lawyer could even negotiate a resolution that would allow you to come out of this case without a criminal record.

In short, if you're scared of working for the police, turn them down. If you change your mind about that and wish you had cooperated after you get arrested, your lawyer can always cut a cooperation deal with the DA. That's safer anyhow, because police don't have to keep their promises. They are allowed to lie and deceive to get information on crime. DAs, on the other hand, are lawyers and officers of the court. When a DA makes a promise they are required to keep it.