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Samuel II
Samuel II, Attorney at Law
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I am a resident as a term health care facility. This issue

Customer Question

I am a resident as a long term health care facility. This issue has nothing to do with my personal health therefore I do not need the advice of a physician, but a lawyer.
I was informed during a meeting with the administrative staff that comments that I have allegedly made to the staff have resulted in the door to my room be left open for surveillance and I feel my civil rights to privacy are being violated in the process. When I made a objection to the administrator, I was informed that this is his building and he an do as he decides regardless of my objections to the contrary or my possible violated civil rights. Please help and advise me regarding this issue.
Tommy x xx xxxxx,ir
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 1 year ago.

Hello Tommy

This is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard.

I am sorry to hear of this matter. Can you tell me what it is that you allegedly said to the staff that is causing this restriction?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Certainly, Samuel, even though the nature of the comment is sensitive and agitates ill will the administrator accused me of making inappropriate sexual comments to one of the staff who happens to be a friend and that other members of the staff overheard and reported this issue to him.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 1 year ago.

I see. Well, you have a right to Privacy. And if the staff is concerned that you are going to hurt one of them or something else then they can have the doors open when with you or have more than one in the room with you.

I suggest that you should consider filing a complaint with the TN Long Term Ombudsman and here is that contact information below. Ms. Brown will be able to readily assist you. It seems to me that someone is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Please let me know if you have other questions or need clarification in this regard. I can only provide information for the questions you ask.

***** *****
State Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability***** 9th Floor
Nashville, TN###-##-####br />Tel:(###) ###-####br />Fax:(###) ###-####br />Toll Free:(###) ###-####br />TDD:(###) ###-####br />Email: *****@******.*** - See more at:

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Allow me to elaborate further. I'm an honorably discharged United States combat marine, served honorably with Alpha Company 1st battalion, 8th Marines in Beirut Lebanon for 6 months as a 60 mm infantry mortarman fighting the Taliban, for a total of three and a half more years, another 6 months deployment in the Mediterranean, the rest of the time of which I trained with my fellow Marines for the defense of our nation, Constitution, and ours and the way of life of others who choose to live in a democratic free society.
I worked as a boilermaker certified welder until 2004 when a car crash left me a partial quadriplegic and subsequent illnesses since then would lead to my becoming a resident at this long term health care facility on October 15, 2014.
I have been physically manhandled by staff member claiming to be a qualified restorative therapist , since I'm caucasian, slandered by means of reverse discrimination, negligently abused to the point that I have been left with decbitous ulcers on my saccrum of which I have photos as proof, the administration has attempted to compel me towards a feeding therapy that would be detrimental to my health and wellbeing since my muscoskeletal structure is severely deteriorating and such action presses sharply against the nerve in my spinal column.
Furthermore, I have contacted both Mr Rick xxxxx District Ombudsman, and Mrs Brown, State Ombudsman regarding these past issues and contacted the offices of the Adult Protective Services voice of the results on two different occasions were investigated by two different detectives of the local police force, the last incident was referred to the detectives office by the local Tennessee Bureau investigation.
Please consider all the aforementioned information carefully and contact me with further advice. And please, remember you represent the law in this country, innocent until proven guilty.
Tommy x xxxxxxx, jr
Expert:  Samuel II replied 1 year ago.

Hello Tommy

Thank you for the follow up information. And thank you for your dedication and service to our Country.

I agree you are innocent until proved guilty. If you have another question in this regard, please let me know. I can only provide information for what you ask. There is no client-attorney relationship on this website.