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I was found guilty back in 2009 and paid restitution fees,

Customer Question

I was found guilty back in 2009 and paid restitution fees, etc. and then expunged in 2010...but my boyfriend at the time was tied into the crime, he is my ex-boyfriend now (2015). Last week (so many years later) a Sr. D.A. Investigator came to my door, left me his card "Please call my office". According to him, "they" (2 investigators) knocked on my door, which I didn't hear (I was in the shower). As I was leaving my house I found the D.A.'s card so I called him, I have nothing to hide. He asked me about my "boyfriend" and where he could be found, which honestly I don't know. I explained to him he is my ex and I don't know or want to know about him. So today, my neighbor saw me outside and told me that two D.A.'s came looking for me and they went to him (my neighbor) asking him tons of questions about me. They mentioned my ex-bf name to see if he knew him, which he doesn't. I live in a new community...its 2 years obviously nobody knows about him. My neighbor works for law enforcement and was upset that these 2 D.A.'s went to his house looking for me...he feels it has created a hostile environment. He says he was given info that was none of his concern and that I should file a complaint with the D.A.'s supervisor and maybe even file a lawasuit. My part of the case is done with....if they are looking for somebody else...then they need to do a better job at finding him and not bother me or MY questions is "What do I do?" Can I file a complaint? Can I sue for defamation of character? Now my neighbor thinks I'm a bad person or that I did something, specially when they are looking for somebody who was once tied to me. My ex-bf is illegal so it's going to be hard to find him...and honestly I don't know where he is. What can I do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

my email is***@******.*** I have an account but I don't remember it asking me for my email or password....I don't know who the expert will respond...

Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 2 years ago.
My name is ***** ***** I am an experienced criminal lawyer.
I don't know why the officers are looking for your ex boyfriend, but they have a right to investigate him, and that would include an ability to check with his old contacts and/or people who know his old contacts to see if he's anywhere around. That's their job and there's nothing improper about that.
It sounds, however, that because your neighbor is in law enforcement, they told him more about you than they needed to do, especially as your previous arrest was expunged which means you have the right to deny ever having been convicted. This is out of line, as your neighbor told you. You don't have a lawsuit, because you've sustained no actual damages from his conversation. But you should can and should report the officer by lodging a complaint with his superior officer, with the chief of police, with Internal Affairs, and with your state attorney general to get his conduct and professionalism investigated and to get him sanctioned for his irresponsible disclosures.

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