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State of iowa. I would to press charges against my ex

Customer Question

State of iowa. I would to press charges against my ex girlfriend, who also helped in care of my 16yr old son. We three lived together. She falsly accused me of domestic abuse assault, a no contact order was put in place. intentionally kicked out of our
home, for 36 days Has recently confessed there was no assault committed, which I have recorded, when I made her apologize to my son, the hell she put HIM through here. Through my Attorney, I offered to pay for a hotel room, till this got cleared up, so my
son would have a safe roof he called home, access to his, pets, access to his clothes, . access to his high tech gaming system. She refused to do so. My son and I did not know, where we would stay on any given night, we had to eat out all the time, I spent
our summer vacation money on attorney fees and food, I could not take him anywhere. My son wanted back in his home. He was not fed properly during this time, began acting out toward me and his mother I share custody with, has become withdrawn. Meanwhile I
was telling him this was a mistake, Tammy will do the right thing and say it did not happen, I was giving him false hope. Though a no contact order was in place, she claimed she was doing all she could to get no contact order lifted, through back door messaging
to my family. She was lying, the states attorney said this /was not the case. There was no request to drop no contact order all along. I want to press charges against this woman, is it child abuse or child endangerment she violated against my son? how is the
best way to file this police report? Jim
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 1 year ago.
My name is ***** ***** I am an experienced criminal lawyer.
It's not up to you to interpret the law for the State. You just have to tell them what it was that your ex did, and they will determine what offense they will be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. However, under Iowa law, if she wasn't clothing or feeding him properly this is a form of neglect and could be a felony charge.
A person who is the father, mother, or some other person having
custody of a child, or of any other person who by reason of mental or
physical disability is not able to care for the person's self, who
knowingly or recklessly exposes such person to a hazard or danger
against which such person cannot reasonably be expected to protect
such person's self or who deserts or abandons such person, knowing or
having reason to believe that the person will be exposed to such
hazard or danger, commits a class "C" felony. However, a parent or
person authorized by the parent shall not be prosecuted for a
violation of this section involving abandonment of a newborn infant,
if the parent or the person authorized by the parent has voluntarily
released custody of the newborn infant in accordance with section
The way to get charges pressed is simply to go to the police, tell them that you want to report a crime, that you want this person to be denied access to your son, and that you want charges pressed against her for her neglect of him while in her custody.