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I live in Warren Michigan. I had my dog on a leash bringing

Customer Question

Hi there, I live in Warren Michigan. I had my dog on a leash bringing her over to see my neighbor because we were watching a movie together. We live in a close condo complex as far as her & her neighbor's door is concerned. As I was opening (my neighbor's)
door I was taking off her leash to go inside & the next door neighbor came bolting around the corner!! The lady was carrying a big 5 yr old child ( the child's foot actually hit me in the big deal) & then she back footed my 14 pd sweet Pomeranian
in the face....VERY BIG DEAL!!!! Obviously, I had some not very nice words for her & visa versa she slammed the door in the my face. So then the husband comes walking up ( by the way these people are not " all there"). We exchanged some harsh words etc; Then
he says I'm calling the police!! I said "For what"? He responded "Oh your dog wasn't on a leash"!! I said "Excuse me you weren't even here!! Your wife kicked my dog in the face"!! Long story short, I then received a ticket for DOG AT LARGE!! Mind you, the
police never saw or met my dog, in fact I don't even think they know what breed it is to be honest with you? It is strictly from the lies that came out of the husbands mouth!! This little Pom is actually my Aunts dog who I was babysitting for....for the weekend.
The whole thing is absolutely RIDICULOUS!! I'm just mad I didn't call the police first & say this lady kicked my then she maybe could of gotten a ticket first??!! I guess that's all cops have to do anymore is stupid shit like this. The BEST part
of this whole thing, (which we are in the beginning process of a divorce) my husband is a cop. He can get me out of this, but I want to get myself out of this. I don't need his shady help. That is ALL they are (police) shady & lying for each other basically
pieces of crap. They make up BS to do stuff like this, I can't stay married to a man that I can't continue believing in his profession. Let alone believing in him. The funniest part is, IS that my VERY own husband doesn't believe my side of the story!!?? Well,
I told him go sleep with your F*****G job you guys make a great couple!!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 2 years ago.
My name is ***** ***** I am a criminal lawyer.
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