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On 6-29-15, time 1400 sometime 2 men attacked me into a convenient

Customer Question

On 6-29-15, time 1400 sometime 2 men attacked me into a convenient store. I was getting 5 pounds of nails in the store, for someone. So they where 2 eye witness inside the store. The woman behind the counter, asked the man why he was shacking so bad. And he said it is the thing getting nails, and of course he was talking about me. So I got up and said what is your problem, me just trying to get up due to all my thirteen operations I had at university of Maryland. Him and his boy knew I was crippled. So of course he backed up, because he loves to get peopledirty in a fight. So as I got closer to him, he had no idea how to get me. So I knotched him on my chest. And I said forget about this, and that is when I turned a little to fill up my bag of nails. He soccerd punch me on the left side of my face. And the other two people a medium sized man could have stopped it. But they let to grown men kicking on my leg I had multiple surgeries on. And waited at least 8 minutes during the fight. Finally after taking a beating from both cowardly men, he said alright take it outside and finish it out there. So I got the rest of the nails, and went outside. They knew they got me inside,crippled since I had been 28 now I am 38. And as I went out, they were ready for me. So the older man said you want some more of a beating. I said well I will put t these nails I had. And the older guy had nerve to hit me in th back again, and he did so. But did not make me fall. It was his boy hitting me on my legs. That is when they both were hitting and kicking me especially on all my crippled happened until an admiral in the navy came to my guide. Him and my cousin, helped me get up..I'm already got a case but my pain management told me about you all. What else can I do to get them.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 2 years ago.
My name is ***** ***** I am an experienced criminal lawyer.
You posted this question in criminal law. Did you press criminal charges? What is the question that you want to ask?