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My husband has been with and taken care of his father for

Customer Question

my husband has been with and taken care of his father for 28 years. His father tried to adopted him but he was to old at the age of 31 years of age. He is his son. His father has been trying to get his will done for over 1 year. the lawyer he had would do his wishes an was stalling on the completion. he did end up firing her, however when he tried to get another to do his will he said ok... spoke to the lawyer he fired and said he wouldn't b able to represent him. this happened 2 twice. My dad was furious why he wasn't able to get anyone to do his will they never gave him a reason why?? my husband and I was leaving to the Philippines for 21 day. His father said if I cant get my will done I want to do the real state properties before you leave overseas. I want that done. we called the title company and they said the don't do the stand alone quit claims deeds unless they are doing a loan for you. so he decided for us to do it our self's which we did and had them recorded. We left on April 15th we were out of the country only 5 days and get a call from the person(caregiver) my husband put in charge. which is a very good friend of his father for years. that he was to leave. we were confused what???? my husband finds out from a first marriage of his father the (not related relative) the first wife's sisters daughter of 40 years ago.. his dad has been married twice. this lady came to his building
when we were gone and pretended to be his daughter. his father lives in a budding a person needs too be keyed in and keyed in at the elevator. it was anew employee at the concierge, she let her in and about 30 minute she comes down with all paperwork in hands, the next day shows up with a probate lawyer and accusing my husband of false allegations of stealing for his father. when were trying to fly back and could not get a flight back till the 7th of May. We are completely furious and cant believe this.. she has disconnected his phone since the 23rd of April so we could not speak to his father. she has locked him in his home and said lies that my husband and I was going to kill her and him. nobody is able to see him he at this time has been in his home like a prisoner. nobody by is able to see him. his father is 91 years of age but he is scrap but she said so many lies. which we have witness and we are innocent we didn't do anything wrong, remembber se is doing all this while we are gone. when my husbands father and us did the deeds We all put grantor for his name and grantee with our names and we came to fid out from he county we were all suppose to so all of us as the grantee. which could have easy been fixed. so she has been brainwashing him and isolating him and we don't know how this is even possible for a evil person to do this, there is a conservator for my father but I don't understand how are they still keeping him locked up we re so concern. we did hirer an attorney but it just seem like things are moving along. and why she cant speak to his father with the conservator and her as our attorney so his father knows what is going on his doesnt even know what has happened. the truth. and this women filed extortion against us. which 1. this was his fathers wishes on the real state. this women is upset because he was going to leave her all od his stocks and investment a lot, 1million and she wasn't happy with that. so she waited til my husband left the country to do something evil. what to do we just cant believe this is happening.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
You need to also contact Adult Protective Services against the woman for possible financial abuse of the elderly, since she has come in lying about her relationship and has now disconnected his phone and has taken over things that she has no right to do.
You also need that attorney to go back to court and get the court to vacate these court orders, since they seem to be detrimental to the father's health.
Why he could not get a will done is beyond me as well, as if his father was competent, then a lawyer should have carried out his wishes.
Also, it is not illegal for an adult to adopt another adult in Colorado as long as it is not for an illegal purpose, so it is not too late to get the attorney to get that done either.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
When he tried to get his will done he does and has the capacity to make his own decisions. he is very sharp. when he fired that first attorney and the other attorney started to work on his will then when they spoke to the olds attorney they sent a letter back to my father and said sorry we will not be able to do your will no reason at from either one of them. My papas was so mad why nobody would do his will. We did get in and Adult Protective Services We did get in touch with them and told them they said since she has a legal temp guardianship current from the courts. I said that doesnt mean she can lock him up and nobody can see him and the law isn't doing anything the law is doing anything .we have tried everything. How she was able to do this is beyond me. I have already explained to my attorney we paid 5k to the this elderly abuse what is happening now and when we were gone. They even have an armed guard in front of his door we told the attorney we hired you to see our father and this is wrong what has happen from the beginning. she said I'm working on it. I don't what to do. even wrote a letter to file a motion before they have a final court hearing I told the attorney we don't want to wait we need to get in front of a judge emergency of what sis happening. she said she will handle it and don't do the motion. and the probate court sais since I already hiring the attorney she will have to do it. . she said she would handle it a differnet way. I would have filed it 3 days when we got back out of the country. I don't know who is on side the attorneys all know each other here in Colorado. my biggest concern is my father and his health she is probably brainwashing him telling him things that aren't true. .I mean think about it she has time him being isolated from the world. I don't know how easy to saying lies and someone to do something like this and over all my husband is the legal guardian and it was ignored. and we haven't seen him 46 days. he has been lock in his resident . The conservator the court appointed why would she let this happen isn't that illegal . The law in Colorado is my husband was 31 at the time when they wanted to adopted him and at that age is to old.
I don't know what to do we tried everything
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
It is not legal to keep him locked up and you need to get your attorney back into court now as that is all you can do legally, since you say you have done everything else.
The attorney is going to have to vacate the guardianship through a court order and that is the only thing they can do to help his father.