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I'm at a loss here, my wife and I don't even know where to

Customer Question

I'm at a loss here, my wife and I don't even know where to start... I recently told a trustee that's in charge of my house that I was going to have to sue him for basically stealing from the trust. He stole a lot... a little over ten million. A week after
I told him, he sent a police officer to my house to escort me to a mental facility after convincing him that I was suicidal. After I was taken, another man took my wife as well for questioning. It didn't make any sense until we got home and reviewed the security
tapes. Three men came into our house while we were gone, they spent ten minutes getting my guns (because I was supposedly suicidal), then another 30 minutes going through my office files. They took photographs of every piece of evidence I have against them.
I was told that the police had my guns at first but the police don't know anything about it. At least they say they don't. The reason why I put it that way is because one of the men in the video is wearing a badge. You can only see a badge because most of
the video is audio only... The one thing you can clearly see is a man holding some sort of device that emits red beams of light directly at the camera... Like I said, we are lost... The past two weeks have been crazy but it gets better... I was diagnosed with
bipolar disorder long ago, you'd never know it unless I told you but I've got very good reason to believe that these men are trying to have me declared unfit for the courtroom. A few days ago I heard that one of the men was telling people that was making some
crazy comments... Apparently I've been telling the Trustees that the FBI has been putting cameras in my trees. Of course I never said that but these guys are extremely successful and very well known businessmen, if they ever do say that in front of a court
it's basically their word against mine and with my diagnosis they'll probably win that argument. We need help but have a lot to lose... These are the trustees that basically control our lives and they have unlimited resources... My wife and I are just regular
people. I've confided in a few people who know them well and even they'll tell you that we won't win against these guys no matter what, not when there is money like this involved. They are literately billionaires.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 2 years ago.
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