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My daughter s boyfriend has some issues with drugs he has been

Customer Question

my daughter s boyfriend has some issues with drugs he has been caught before and they are using him for their team to catch others he has been doing this on his own and doing it has they ask him to help but the other night he left while my daughter was asleep and got in a traffic thing with 8 cops 4 units he was scared and drove back to her house and when he got there my daughter didnt know all this happened and she was awoken by law and they handicuffed her and threw her out the house and held her outside while they took a k 9 dog in her house and attacked him he was bleeding and she was crying outside telling them he was scared and a little guy not harming them at all well its been 7days and she got to go see him tonite and she was upset to see his arm is chewed up and he has stitches and his hand is swollen up she doesnt know what to do she is so upset and they never told her what he did to cause this chase and by 4 units so she thinks they set him up with a call and she did find that someone called him at 400 am and he took her car she was asleep doesnt know who it was but the number is ***** the phone and no one else used the phone to call that number just that called received no calls out going so please let me know how to help her
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 2 years ago.
Once he gets a lawyer, the lawyer will be able to do all of the things that you are talking about. I know it is frustrating for your daughter to be in this situation and not be able to do much. But if he can't afford a lawyer and he hasn't gotten one yet, the court will appoint him one. First, he doesn't have to wait until trial to have his bond reduced. His lawyer can file a petition for a bail review to have the court possibly reduce his bail. If they wait until trial, that defeats the purpose of even having his bail reviewed. In terms of any recordings or other evidence, his attorney will file what is called a discovery request, which basically asks the prosecution to turn over copies of all the evidence involved. If there are recordings, they will be required to give them to the defense.
In addition, the lawyer can try to ensure that he gets medical treatment in the jail for his injuries if required.
I completely understand that she wants to try to help him by doing something but unfortunately, a lawyer is his best chance right now. She is not able to legally file these discovery requests or petition for bail review because only lawyers or the defendant himself can file them. Anyone else can get in trouble for unauthorized practice of law. Once he gets a lawyer, she will likely need to speak with the attorney as a witness to what happened and may be able to help that way. But for now, she is limited in what she can do for him, unfortunately.

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