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Can I be denied an entry to the U.S for a bank fraud?

Customer Question

I think I'm a victim of check kiting... Some strangers said since I'm not a citizen, my credit score won't matter if I'm planning to leave after school. (I entered as international student) They said there is a loop hole in the banks and it is not illegal at all. They asked for me to deposit checks into my bank account, and asked my internet banking account id and password. Right after the incident, I left U.S. because my visa ran out. If I am currently not in the U.S., but planning to return to the U.S. for visiting or living, would this be a problem? It has been approx. 6 years since I left U.S.
Is there a website or can you find out if there is some kind of warrant or if I was sued by the bank? I don't know where to find out...
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 2 years ago.
Banks do prosecute this kind of fraud if they have reason to believe that the bank account holder knowingly used his account to deliberately defraud the bank. Whether this matter was turned over to the prosecutor's office and whether a case was filed in your absence and a warrant issued is not something you can find on any published list.
You would need to get a hold of your criminal record to see if there's an open warrant against you. You could order that from the state or from the FBI, but either way, you'd have to submit your fingerprints, and you may not want to do that.
Or, you could retain a lawyer in the state and county where you lived and banked and ask him to look into this for you. He can get a court clerk to run a search of the state data base to see if there's an outstanding legal criminal case and a warrant against you. If there was, yes, this would be a problem preventing your return, as you could be arrested at the border.