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My cousin and her husband entered my apartment using my ex-wifes

Customer Question

My cousin and her husband entered my apartment using my ex-wifes key when I was not home. My ex-wife had vacated the property many werks before that but did not leave her ket. Not thinking she would return I did not change the lock's. She proceded in taking all of my furniture and other personal items including my $1,300 set of golf club's which she gave to my cousin's husband. My cousin's husbsnd gave the club's to a friend who has now sold them for a fraction of the cost. My exwife still has all of my furniture and she won't give it back. Since my ex-wife left and moved out of the property on her own free will then returned many weeks later when I was at work to remove my belonging's is this not a case of unlawful entry and is it not a crime to posses the item's since gained them in an unlawful rntry. She was off the lease. And is it not illegal for my belongings to be sold without my consent? I gave my ex-wife and family member no permission to enter my premises and certainly gave them any permission to sell them and keep what proceeds they made by selling daid item's.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 2 years ago.
Hello there --
They had no permission to do this from you and you should contact the local police department and file a complaint for burglary and theft of your items against the people who entered the apartment and took the items and a complaint of receiving stolen property against your ex wife. Go to the detective division of your local police department to make the complaint out in person with a list and pictures of the items taken (to the extent you have pics) and receipts if you have some of those as well. If you have a divorce agreement and it does not specifically include that she can take these items, then bring that divorce agreement with you as well. If the local cops refuse to take you seriously and investigate the complaint, then you should contact the state police in your area of Michigan because in many instances the Investigation Division of the state police will step in when the locals are either reluctant to do so or are short handed. Finally in the event that you cannot get either agency to take a complaint or investigate the situation then you should file a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General's office because the AG is the top law enforcement officer in the state and they investigate claims that the local police have not done their jobs in any given situation. You will get some satisfaction at one of these levels, trust me. And there is a seven year statute of limitations on burglary and theft crimes so you are not too late to make a criminal complaint against all of these people who did this to you.
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