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To test whether my filter that blocks pornographic images was

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To test whether my filter that blocks pornographic images was working I typed raunchy stuff into the search bar about children hopeing to find it blocked and I was scared and shocked to see innappropiate sexual content pop up even though it was a christian filter company please know I am a christian and do not want my life ruined. I was wanting to know if what I googled on the internet 12 days ago will land me in prison as the law has not said anything.

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an experienced criminal lawyer.

It is illegal to view child pornography and to download and/or distribute pictures and videos from such sites. It is a violation of both state and Federal law.

There is a huge amount of porn on the internet, and a percentage of it is illegal because it is child porn. The US government can't be everywhere. So chances are, even if you surfed these sites, and downloaded material from them as a one-time event, the odds against your being caught are in your favor. If it's been 12 days, I think it likely that you did not make the authorities' radar screen.

However, I'd recommend the following:

-- If you surfed and viewed some of these sites, don't discuss with anybody the fact that you did this. Except for your lawyer, anything you say to anyone else about the commission of a criminal act can be used against you.

-- In the unlikely event that you are contacted by the police, make no admissions about this at all. Just tell them that you want to speak to a lawyer before discussing something like this with them and then go get one.

-- Clear your computer's browser, cookies and cache, so that nobody else uses your computer and stumbles on your trail. If you downloaded any pictures, just deleting them would not erase the record from the computer. If you ever take this computer in for servicing and a tech finds a record of your having downloaded illegal porn, they are required to report you to the authorities.

So while I think you're okay this time, you do want to be cautious and also, of course, you should refrain from such an experiment again.
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