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I am being charged with felony forgery, grand theft Property/ETC

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I am being charged with felony forgery, grand theft Property/ETC over 400 dollars Felony and Conspiracy:Commit Crime. An old friend of mine told me that he was working for an older couple and they wrote him out a personal check for the work he did supposively. He asked me if i could cash the check for him and he would have them write it out to me since I have a bank account and he did not. he also said he would give me 20 bucks for doing so, so I agreed and cashed them. A couple of months passed and the police come to my door and show me pictures of myself from the atm machine at my bank. Is that you in this picture the officer asked. I replied YES. Is this your signature on this check the officer asked. I replied Yes. He then placed me under arrest for felony forgery, Grand Theft Property/ETC over $400 Felony. I also admitted to accepting money for the checks their were two total. one check for $200 and the other for $800. I cashed them on two sepporate occasions about a week or two appart. What should I do when I go to court? To me all I was doing was helping out a friend and didn't know the checks were stolen.

This is a serious crime. If you were unaware that the checks were fake, then you did not have the "specific intent" necessary to have committed the alleged forgery or conspiracy. You only have one choice: plead not guilty and then have a lawyer try to negotiate to either have the charges dropped, in exchange for your testifying against your friend.

If you cannot accomplish that, then you will have to go to trial and show that this was a total "frame up," and that you were tricked into cashing the checks.

Either way, you won't get out of this mess without a lawyer. You need someone who knows the deputy DA assigned to the case, and you need someone to negotiate so that you are not waiving your right to remain silent.

You are making a huge mistake to try to "do-it-yourself" this matter. You could end up in state prison for several years.

For a competent criminal law attorney referral, see this link.

Please let me know if my answer is helpful. And, thanks for using!
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