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im currentlly out on R.O.R BAIL in cumberland county for retail

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im currentlly out on R.O.R BAIL in cumberland county for retail theft and wednsday recieve charges i will be fighting and released on insecured bail. i speak to my public defender for the new charges tomorrow with prelim for new charges of trespasing and resisting.arrest ...what will happen to my RORO bail and what is the potenial sitiations that could happen as result of new charges wirh older ROR BAIL set back in december ???

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am an experienced criminal lawyer.

If you're out on new bail on a new misdemeanor in another county and the DA in the first county gets notified about it, that DA can ask that bail be set on your first case when you come to court. Frankly, however, It's been my experience, at least with summary offenses and misdmeanors that so long as you show up in timely fashion on your next court date for the case on which you were ROR'd, the judge will usually not raise bail. The purpose of bail is to assure your court appearance, and if you're already there and have been attending as scheduled, the judge will generally trust you to come back.

It would be a good idea to come to court prepared to make bail or to have someone make bail for you if it doesn't go as planned, but odds are you will just tend to your first case and that will be that.

If you have a lawyer on the first case, you want to tell him about the new matter so that he can bargain appropriately. But because there's no conviction on your first case, the first case cannot be used to enhance your sentence on the new one when it comes to that. And if you take a plea first with regard to the second case, it will not enhance your sentence possibilities for the first one.

Given the nature of these charges, if this is all you have on your record, your two lawyers can probably keep you out of jail as the charges are not that serious and are non-violent, but you'll need to take that up with your lawyers.

Good luck!
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