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hello my names bryan i was in detention for 4 months reason

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hello my names bryan i was in detention for 4 months reason i assualted a officer public intox and i was ordered by the court to go to a drug treatment center i tried to commit suicde while in treatment i was getting mental abuse from other clients my probation officer said if i get kicked out he will reccomned that i get sent to detention intel I'm 19 I'm now in a psyche hospital and i have court tuesday what can i do to avoid detention iv been clean 7 months

Roger : Hi Bryan - my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a Criminal Law litigation attorney. Thanks for your question.
Roger : Were you kicked out of the treatment program?

no just discharged



Roger : Ok. Thanks.
Roger : If the probation officer said that detention would be recommended only if you were kicked out of the treatment program, then you should be in pretty good shape.
Roger : Also, if you've been clean 7 months and you're in a hospital receiving treatment, it's not likely that a judge would pull you from that situation and put you into a detention center.

what do you think i should do if i go to court

Roger : If you're still on probation, then the best way to stay out of detention is to continue doing what you're doing and make sure that you comply with your probation terms.

could i request drug court and could that help and do you think the judge would look at what the treatment center recommend that i go to to na meetings and outpatient treatment

Roger : If you can do that, the judge really wouldn't have any reason to find you in violation of your probation, and therefore, wouldn't have a reason to revoke you and send you to detention.

thank you how do i

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