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i have 2 outstanding dwi/dui fines that have not been paid

Customer Question

i have 2 outstanding dwi/dui fines that have not been paid yet and are about 7 years old, what should my coarse of action be? and also if i attempt to make pmt now, is it possible i would have jail time for not paying? also i wanted to add after all this time could there still be a warrant issued?

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Jack R. replied 3 years ago.

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I need a little more information, When you say you did not pay the fine did you also not appear for a hearing ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the original hearing yes

Expert:  Jack R. replied 3 years ago.

from your response it appears you did not appear for the original hearing. After the hearing date a bench warrant likely was issued for your non appearance.


In these cases sometimes you can just pay a highly increased fine. In many cases however the judge wants you to appear. A DUI may carry some sort of suspension or other restriction on your driving and the Judge may want to impose the appropriate penalties even after 7 years. You will also have to face the penalties for failure to appear at the original hearing along with the other charges. Once issue a bench warrant remains active. Many communities have "amnesty" days where you can come in and pay the fines and have the violation completed. If you are iontent on resolving this call the proecutiors ofice and see if such an event is planned.


The fact that you were able to renew your license means that you offense was not sent to your current State. If it hasn't been sent to date it probably will not be sent in the future.


Simply paying the fine will not help. If you had you appeared, ordered to pay a fine and failed to pay the fine then you could get away with paying the fine and any interest that accumulated.


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

im a little confussed on your response here, so in my case, i dont have a license, its revoked so is it best to just pay all fines in full? i appeared and completed probation etc i just need to finish paying them. but since all this time has went by just want to know what is in my best interest to do

Expert:  Jack R. replied 3 years ago.
Your response originally indicated you did not appear. All you. Need to do is complete the payment including accrued interest.