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My Boyfriend was arrested for battery. He has never been convicted

Customer Question

My Boyfriend was arrested for battery. He has never been convicted with any criminal charge or domestic violent charge or been in any legal trouble before. He is about to graduate and go to law school himself in the Spring. At the time of his arrest I did not want to push charges and still do not. This incident happened on thrusday night and he was released 25 hours later on bail. Court is this coming Monday afternoon. My question is what can I do to talk with the prosecutor about dropping the charges?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Jack R. replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for choosing Just Answer. My name is Jack and I will assist you today.


I am sorry to hear of your situation.


You can try to speak with the prosecutor and indicate you do not wish to press charges. A battery is a crime against the state with you as the victim. As such the prosecutor can choose to go forward with the case. If there was evidence of a battery on your person (bruising), or if officers observed the battery the case will likely proceed. If it is only your statement then the prosecutor might have some reservations.


It is important that your boyfriend seek legal counsel. A felony conviction and even a misdemeanor battery conviction / arrest would have to be disclosed to his law school and ultimately disclosed as part of a fitness evaluation before taking the bar. Even if your boyfriend accepts a deal with no jail time his future plans to become an attorney can be in jeopardy. He should talk to the law school counselors immediately.


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