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I just received a notice in Florida saying my DL was suspended.

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I just received a notice in Florida saying my DL was suspended. I received a ticket in GA in Jackson County. The ticket got thrown away accidentally by my daughter, I did not remember where I got the ticket. I missed the court date since I live out of state. They say I owe $326.oo for the ticket. It stated I was going 72 in a 55 but I know there is no way that was the case. I had just pulled out of a fruit stand place and had started to get going. The officer said he had to chase me down. How could he do that when just a short ways I was pulling out from buying produce? Is there any help I can get with this or am I now bound to pay the $326 plus what the state of FL says I have to to get my DL back. This has NEVER happened to me before.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

I am afraid that since you received the ticket and it was thrown away, they can suspend your license. Your only recourse would be that you can go to GA and file a motion to vacate the guilty that was entered against you when you failed to appear and you can try to go to trial with an attorney or you have to pay the ticket to GA and get them to issue a release. FL DMV can tell you the county where the ticket was issued and then you would have to contact that county clerk to either pay the ticket or seek to use an attorney to get it vacated and go to trial. Legally I am afraid these are your sole options to get your FL license reinstated.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Why is the ticket $326?? Is there somewhere that states how much fines are? I did get the county information and the citation number from the info the State of FLorida sent me. Why is it so much money? Would I have to find an attorney in GA and can this be done by phone?

Thank you for your response.

As I do not know the county, I have no way to even try to check their fine schedule, but in addition to any fine, if you failed to appear there is an additional penalty put on top of the normal fine. Also, if you were doing 77 in a 55, this is 22 miles over the limit, so those fines can be substantial, but again I have no idea of the county you got the ticket in to even try to find their fine schedule.

You would have to arrange for a GA attorney yourself at one of the sites I provided you information on in my first answer and they can handle the case without you appearing in GA.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

In my first question to you I stated it was in Jackson County, GA and I also stated it was 72 not 77 for the speed? Does this make a difference??

The officer told me I did not have to appear in court. Why would I get charged more on top of that?

Thank you for your response.

You do not have to appear in court if you are going to pay the ticket.

For 17 miles over the limit in Jackson County, the base fine is $126, plus because the speed was over 15 miles above the limit, there is an additional $200 fine. That is what the cost of the ticket comes from.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank-you for that explanation. I thought the $200 was for a super speeder where you go over 75? I was reading about that online. I was not doing that.. it is basically the officer's word against mine, is there any way to show proof of my speed? He said he had to chase me down, I was just coming from a parking lot and was beginning to drive, it could have been another vehicle like mine... what are the chances of proving that?

The super speeder is anything over 15 mph over the limit in GA or over 75.

These cases, if you have never been to traffic court, are usually only your word against the officer's word. If you want to prove you were just leaving the parking lot, you need to have some witness and would have to go to trial and question the officer on the stand and put your witness on or some evidence to show you were indeed just leaving the parking lot.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Would a receipt from what I purchased be proof that I was there? I was traveling alone headed home from visiting friends in GA. The time should be stated on my receipt and is there a time on the ticket?

Thank you for your response.

Yes, a receipt showing what you purchased and the time would be your proof and it would be good proof actually and your attorney could likely win the case if they go to court on it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank-you or your time and answers.. i will be leaving positive feedback..

Thank you for your kind words.
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