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I work at a High school, one of the couches stated to a Kid

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I work at a High school, one of the couches stated to a Kid that "He wants to Kick my A$$" the kid asked "who?" the couch stated my name. I was behind him ( he did not know. He then stated to me that he wanted to kick my a$$. And witnesses state if another couch didnt step between us he would have hit me. He later told sever other athletes that he wants to do harm to me.
Is this Criminal threatening?
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Do you know why the coach is angry with you ? If so can you please elaborate.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes. I am the athletic trainer at the school. I am in charged of all injuries and rehab of the athletes. He has been treating athletes out of his relm. I have reported him to administration who has kinda looked away because "he donates to the school" "this is political." today he was taping an athlete and I asked him what he was doing?


Most schools have a zero tolerance policy for violence. The statement should immediately be reported to the school administration and superintendent. Schools do not allow bullying of students, and that should just as applicable to staff.

Once the administration is notified they should understand should violence actually occur the school would bear some legal liability for failing to act. In the corporate world such action by the coach would lead to an immediate dismissal. I understand schools are a little more political but the potential scandal if something were to happen might be enough to cause the school to take action.

From a legal perspective, simply making threats may not enough for the police to act, or a civil suit. Criminal threatening requires the coach place you " in fear of imminent bodily injury" it does not apply if he tells someone else he is going to hurt you. If he tells you that he is going to hurt you right now, or takes action to make you believe you are going to be immediately assaulted then that is criminal threatening. If he say he is going to hurt you at some undisclosed time that is not criminal threatening.

In any case, if you take the comments seriously you can apply for a protection order which would require the coach to stay away from you and probably from the school. I don't believe based on the acts you have given it would be granted, but it might.

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