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Alex J. Esq.
Alex J. Esq., Attorney at Law
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At a party, a girl kept waking by my group of friends and running

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At a party, a girl kept waking by my group of friends and running into and pushing one of my friends. My fiend has a broken back and several of out fiends told this girl to leave her alone. She didn't and got in her face. I snapped and grabbed the girl and we got into a small fight, we both got up, I walked away. She followed me and brought me back to the ground. My friend went to pull her off me and one of the girl I was fighting with friends pushed my friend and ended up breaking her leg. I am told the girl is filing assault charges against me but I have not heard anything from law enforcement. I didn't give a statement that night and they don't have my contact information. What is going to happen? I'm terrified. I don't even remember the fight at all. I remember everything leading up to and following but not the fight itself. Do I consult a lawyer if I'm asked to give a statement? Is she jst as guilty as me since she came after me when I walked away? Can I be found partially responsible for my friends' broken leg? I'm so lost and scared. I know my friend is plannin on oressin charges against the girl who pushed her when she broke her leg. Is this going to affect me too?

Alex J. Esq. :

Hello. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to help you.

Alex J. Esq. :

Are you online with me?

Alex J. Esq. :

Welcome to

Alex J. Esq. :

I am very sorry to hear about your difficult situation.

Alex J. Esq. :

Can you please tell me when this altercation took place?

Customer: Yes, I am. I am also wondering if I should contact law enforcement and inform them who I am since they didn't get my info. I'm worried they're looking for me but don't know if I should jst wait and see if he did file charges
Customer: Early this morning, 0100.
Alex J. Esq. :

Was police called to the scene and police report made of the incident?

Alex J. Esq. :


Customer: It was at a casino, the Tribal Police were there and a report was filed. I have not seen the report.
Alex J. Esq. :

Thank you for that information.

Alex J. Esq. :

What state was this in?

Customer: Arizona
Alex J. Esq. :

Well, at this point, it is possible that you can be charged with criminal assault and battery, which can be felony or misdemeanor.

Alex J. Esq. :

First thing to do in this situation is not speak to anyone about the incident and not to volunteer any statements to the police.

Alex J. Esq. :

It is important for you to consult and retain an experienced local criminal defense attorney as soon as you can as well and to have your local criminal defense attorney present during any questioning.

Alex J. Esq. :

Does this make sense?

Customer: Yes, absolutely.
Alex J. Esq. :

How old are you?

Customer: 30
Alex J. Esq. :

Do you have any prior criminal history?

Customer: None whatsoever
Alex J. Esq. :

Well, that is a good factor.

Alex J. Esq. :

Just consult a local criminal defense attorney as soon as you can and let your local attorney handle this unfortunate matter.

Alex J. Esq. :

Do you have a local criminal attorney in mind?

Customer: I'm just terrified. Such a freak event that spiraled out of comtrol
Customer: No, I don't know of any but I'll definitely look into one tomorrow.
Alex J. Esq. :

I completely understand, but it is very important to remain calm and collected during such difficult times, so you do not incriminate yourself in any way.

Alex J. Esq. :

You can find an experienced local criminal defense attorney by using this well trusted and reliable attorney information / referral websites:

Alex J. Esq. :

Do you have any related follow up questions?

Customer: Understood. Not at the moment, thank you.
Alex J. Esq. :

I wish you the best of luck.

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Customer: Sure thing, thank you.
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