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I got pulled over at a check stop last night and got my license

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I got pulled over at a check stop last night and got my license suspended for driving high , I got caught with a small amount of weed on me. I was arrested on scene but not charged with anything, just a 24 hour suspension and my vehicle towed. The officer that pulled me over gave me his contact information and told that if I did not call and give up information on where and from whom I bought my weed he would find and charge me with criminal possession, I'm just curious if he can come after me considering he released me from the scene with no charges laid against me
Yes, subject to a few technicalities that can be worked around, there is no statute of limitations to lay charges. As such, the officer could still charge you despite the fact he let you leave the scene. However, if it's only a small amount of weed, then the officer would not likely pursue you just to charge you with simple possession of marijuana, since (for people without criminal records), those charges usually get dropped upon the person performing some community service.
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