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The police executed a search warrant at my house a few days

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The police executed a search warrant at my house a few days ago and found a large amount of Marijuana. When io Went to my arraignment today and got the paperwork I looked at a copy of the search warrant. The warrant was written for a different adress than my house, it was written for a different street right next to mine. I think they were in too much of a hurry to check their facts. Can I make a motion to supress the warrant and therefore all evidence found because of it?
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If that was the warrant actually used to go in your house you would have a definite suppression issue. That is something your lawyer can pursue and file for you. If it is granted, everything gets tossed out and the charges against you were dismissed.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How do I know if the copy I have is the original used to go into my house?

I was simply stating it is possible that they had a legitimate search warrant for your house but handed you the wrong one. If the one they handed you is the only one they had, then they entered and searched your house illegally.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Okay. The one I have I got at the arraignment so I'm assuming its a copy of the original. I will be in touch with a lawyer on Tuesday so I'll go over it with him. Thanks a bunch for your help