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If I say I was cop to someone causing a disturbance to calm

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If I say I was cop to someone causing a disturbance to calm that person down, can I be charged as impersonating a police officer.

If you are not a police officer and tell someone you are, regardless of your reason for doing so, you are impersonating a police officer. So yes, you could be charged with a criminal offense under the right set of circumstances if whoever you were trying to calm down felt it was none of your business, found out the truth and then reported you.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Would that be considered hearsay?


If the person you made the statement to went to the police and reported this, it would not be hearsay. Hearsay is when someone who is not a party to the incident reports something as true when he didn't see it or hear it directly himself.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

"criminal offense under the right set of circumstances"


Meaning what? This occurred on my private property towards me na d while it calmed the guy down he then wanted a badge number and I told him to get loss.

If you represented yourself as a police officer, he is entitled to ask for a badge, and he can report you for impersonating an officer.

By right set of circumstances I meant that if he never challenged your assertions that you were an officer, nothing would happen. But if circumstances were such that he wants to make an issue of it, he can report you to the authorities, and it is an offense for which you can be prosecuted.

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