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Hello. We have a bad neighbor that has been harassing us

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We have a bad neighbor that has been harassing us for three years. He does this most of the time from his property we do have video of him doing same on the street in front of our driveway. This harassment consists of stalking us from his own property, When we walk our dogs down our driveway(200foot driveway) Or when we have our front door open he will get within 45 ft of the front door whistling loudly just to annoy us. This is the closest he can get to the front door without trespassing. Mostly in the dark is when he does this, We do have videos of all this we think is harassment the Q: I have is what do we need to take into show a lawyer to see if we have a case? I know that there not going to want all three years. Do we need to take : Sheriffs reports? The papers of Injunctions we have had inplace on him? What do we need ??

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If local law enforcement will not take action then you should contact the prosecutor's office directly and provide the evidence you have of the harassment. The actions may be consistent with criminal stalking. You can also file a civil suit for monetary damages. Collection of these damages could involve garnishment of account, and wages. It can also include attachment of property. I am assuming this is what you will be contacting a lawyer for


At a minimum what you need to take to the lawyer is all evidence of activity in violation of the injunctions. If you 3 years worth then you bring 3 years worth. Civil damages will be based in part on how much you had to endure. Videos are excellent. If you witnesses to the actions you should provide names and identification to the attorney. Get a record of all calls (dates/times) to the police (Sheriffs) whether action was taken or not. If you have police/sheriffs reports take those to the attorney as well. You should also be keeping a daily log of when the harassing conduct is occurring.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello again,

what type of lawyer will we need for this court action ? In a Civil case.

You are looking for a Plaintiff's attorney for civil litigation.
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