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J.A Evans
J.A Evans, Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
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Experience:  Prosecuted misdemeanor and felony level offenses for ten years. Worked as a judicial law clerk and wrote the judicial opinions.
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Hi, My Wife and I are planning a 50th Anniver trip to Hawaii

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Hi, My Wife and I are planning a 50th Anniver trip to Hawaii in Sept 2014.We went there for our 25th in 1985. We would like to take our sons and grandchildren with us.
One of our sons had a roadside suspension for consuming Alchol while he was having supr. Two Beer and a hamburger in Canada. He never was chared in court. The officer never gave him a answer as to what the reading was, only that he was within the limit. Ended up with a device in his truck to blow in before it would start.Is this reason for denying entry to the USA.My question is would he be allowed to go to the States. That was two years ago.
Thanks for your help in this matter

J.A Evans :

Hi I hope to help you with your question today. Generally a criminal conviction in Canada can cause a person to be prohibited from entering the United States. It is more likely that a check will be done at the border when driving than when flying, especially if you are able to take a direct flight to Hawaii. However, it sounds as if you are unsure if he actually has a criminal conviction. Check with the officials in your jurisdiction or where the incident happened. They should be able to clear that up for you. Additionally, if he does actually have a conviction, he can apply for a US Entry Waiver.

J.A Evans :

I hope my answer was helpful to you. If I can help you further, please ask. Otherwise, please rate my answer so I can get credit for my work.

J.A Evans :

Congratulations on 50 years!

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