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My son received a ticket for Possession of Marijuana. He is

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My son received a ticket for Possession of Marijuana. He is 18. It was in a state park. An officer approached several of the kids and asked if they were in possession. To my knowledge the kids were not actually smoking, nothing was in plain view, the office simply asked and the kids told the truth.
The offense charges is FED 36CFR 26158T.
It's a fine of $225.00. He does NOT have to appear in court. He can go to court and try to appeal.
I want to know if this is going to appear on any PUBLIC record?


Possession of marijuana under federal law is a misdemeanor and by paying the ticket, he is essentially admitting his guilt (much like when you pay a speeding or other traffic ticket). The conviction would be on his record. He can try to challenge the ticket in court or try to make a deal with the prosecutor that would keep the charge off his record. It is unfortunately a lot more difficult at the federal level than the state level. Many states have programs where a first offender completes some community service and a drug education class and the charge is dismissed but most federal courts do not have comparable programs. He may want to consult with a federal lawyer if he can because technically by challenging it, he could open himself up to additional penalties that he would not face by paying the prepaid amount on the ticket.

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