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My 22 yr old daughter and her husband stupidly stole my disability

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My 22 yr old daughter and her husband stupidly stole my disability card and spent every penny on it and left a trail of where they spent it at they spent over $580. My question is can I charge them with this and get my money back?
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Q) Can I charge them with this and get my money back?

First, I'm very sorry you're going through this situation. It might not be a surprise to have a complete stranger steal your money. But your own flesh and blood?!?! That must be very difficult to deal with.

The answer to your question is "Yes."

First, make a report to your police department. Use the non-emergency number or visit the police station in person. No need to call 911.

When you speak to or meet with a law enforcement officer, tell them the entire story why you believe your daughter and her husband stole your property. Give the police a copy of the documents or other materials you have which you believe substantiate your claim. You could also simply allow them to make copies of your documents.

The police will probably investigate, speak with your daughter, her husband, and others if necessary. If the police conclude that they have probable cause to believe that your daughter and/or her husband committed a crime, they will take out the charges for you.

If convicted, or as part of a plea agreement, your daughter and/or her husband could be ordered to pay restitution. Restitution is reimbursement for property or money that is damaged, lost, stolen, etc.

In the short term, since you are out so much money, contact the social security office and tell them about your card being stolen. Perhaps they can reimburse you so long as you are dealing with the authorities and you're pursuing charges against the people who committed the crime.

If you cannot make any headway there, ask your local prosecutor's office whether or not you qualify for victim witness assistance. Such assistance could include payment of money or other services.

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