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I am on the process of expungement for a misdemeanor case.I

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I am on the process of expungement for a misdemeanor case.
I submitted an application for expungement already and court date is next Friday.
By the way, my attorney says today that I may be able to get my case expunged without going to the court.
I am in certain confusion and want to clear it ;

My questions are ;
1. May I get my case expunged without going to court ?
- I understood that I could get expungement in front of a Judge in the court only
and I have received the court date from the court already.
2. Which court does handle misdemeanor case ? civil court or criminal court ?
- my attorney says it is civil court while my case is a criminal case,misdemeanor
3. Does Expungement application form ask my fingerprint definitely ?
- I signed on the form of application but no fingerprint for any purpose.

Area for My case : Harris County, Houston, TEXAS

Regards, Jay

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To answer your questions as posed:


1) A court appearance is not generally required. Texas Procedure surrounding expungment does not mandate a court appearance in all instances.


If your application is complete, and you are eligible and there is no testimony required all that remains to occur is the Judge signing the order to grant the expungement. Your attorney should check with the Court to determine whether an appearance is actually required. In many cases the Attorney representing the State prepares the order for the Court.


2) Misdemeanor cases involving Jail sentences and fines over $100.00 are handled by the Constitutional County Courts. These county courts also handle civil cases. The Criminal District Courts handle only felonies. This is why your attorney indicated it was a civil matter.


3) You are required to provide a verified fingerprint record along with your application for expungement.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you.

I did not put my fingerprint on any form.

What does "verified fingerprint record" mean ?

If my case is expunged, wii any certificate be issued ?

A verified fingerprint record is a fingerprint taken by an authorized agency such as a police department that will verify you are the person you claim you are when the prints are taken. .


You will not get a certificate, you can get a copy of the signed expungement order.




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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks a lot.

but what i eager to know is why my lawyer do not ask me any fingerprint for a verified fingerprint record ? if it is required.

instead, i got public notary on my application. can it replace for the my fingerprint ?



I cannot say why your lawyer did not have you submit a verified finger print record. It is possible that the finger print record from your arrest is being used. You should ask you lawyer.


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