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Blackmail-extortion. Judge Mr.S. moved the civil case to the

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Blackmail-extortion. Judge Mr.S. moved the civil case to the other court where he start as the attorney for the plaintiff. Case is for the refund of 1986 or 1989 not driveable BMW 525 (no licence, no title, approx. value $300)) towed in 2007 on the city (R/W) right of way and the border of the defendants property. After 4 years, Plaintiff noticed that the car is not longer parked, and could not report stolen, because do not have any proof of ownership. Defendant does not know what happen with this car. Plaintiff attorney send the court letters to the defendant to the wrong address even he knows defendant for 30 years and he knows, the address is not correct. Defendant leaves in the same address since 1979.Defendant did not know about the case till his bankruptcy hearing Aug.7-th 2013. August.7-th Defendant made a motion to the court to reconsider service address and to set aside judgement. August 8th Defendant received a judgement for $28,000 against his business. Business not active for the last 5 years. Judge does not have receipt for court notification delivered to the defendant because of wrong address. Judge S.(plaintiff attorney) is blackmailing defendant,to pay him and his client $5000, or or he will cause the personal bankruptcy of the defendant to deny. Personal bankruptcy is mostly for the credit cards used over 5 years ago for the business related expenses of closed company since 2008.Mr.S. also ask to give him and to his client some used parts left for the years on the defendant property which are pledged to the mortgage holder.
I am old retired person and I need a help.Is this a crime made by the judge S.
Jan Frank XXX-XXX-XXXX, [email protected]

While most of what you have written relates to civil rather than criminal issues, there is no doubt that blackmail/extortion is a criminal offense. There can sometimes be, however, a fine line between legitimate settlement negotiations and extortion. Still, you you have nothing to lose by reporting the matter to the FBI at the field office nearest to where this has been taking place. (See link) If they think the matter is not something they want to prosecute, they will tell you that and suggest that you resolve this matter in civil court where the case is pending.

It also appears that the plaintiff attorney's conduct with regard to this case may be unethical. I'm thinking specifically of his having sat on the case as judge, transferring it and then becoming the plaintiff's attorney. You might want to report that to his bar for investigation.

Neither of these, however, should be done without conferring with your lawyer on this case, as you can create unintended and unwelcome consequences when you stir up something like this. If your lawyer tells you not to do this, you should listen.

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