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so if you get expungment and every time you have to say whether

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so if you get expungment and every time you have to say whether you were convicted of a crime and if the DA wants you to confess to something you didn't do just to get a lighter sentence of something you didn't do how are you suppose to explain on the job application of what you didn't do but you confess to doing how can someone explain something they didn't do.

I mean if you took junk and they want you to confess to guns chainsaws and value stuff that you didn't really take how do you explain that government made you confess to something you didn't do?

how can you ask the sated to amedn a charge agisnt you.

If the charge was expunged, then you don't have to state that you were convicted of a crime. If it was not expunged, in general, you only have to admit that you were convicted of theft. The circumstances of the plea and the substance of the plea is not really a part of your record. If you were coerced into taking a plea recently, then you may want to contact an attorney about vacating the plea because coerced pleas will not stand. It is not coercion, however, to offer you a good deal in exchange for a plea if you voluntarily chose to accept it.

The prosecutor doesn't have the ability to amend a charge after you have pleaded guilty, but if you have not pleaded guilty, it is simply a matter of trying to negotiate with the prosecutor. If you have a lawyer, your lawyer can talk to the prosecutor to see if they will downgrade the charge in exchange for a plea.
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