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Inmate has been incarcerated since August 25th. 2013 . To this

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Inmate has been incarcerated since August 25th. 2013 . To this day nothing has been done . ie: talking to a Public Defender. This is a first offence & dose not understand the system .Is there is a rights of reasonable time passed that inmate can be held & waiting for an Attorney?

Welcome to JustAnswer. I am sorry to hear of your great-granddaughter's situation. I need to ask you a few questions.

(1) What crime is she charged with committing?

(2) When is her next court date?

(3) What is her bond amount?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm sorry for the delay. My PC is not working well & it keeps freezing up & I have to start over each time.

1. Assult . No details.

2. Don't know if she has had any type of hearing yet or if there is one

in the future.

3. Info I got was some wear in the million dollar range. I could explain this better on the phone or PC because I think she is trying to protect me from medical harm. We need help despartly.

Alright thank you for the additional information. Unfortunately, all communication between us has to be through this website.

She should have a court date scheduled. You can find out what that is through the court clerk's office. If she has applied and been approved for a court appointed attorney, her attorney should meet with her on or before that date. That court date will not be a hearing but likely just a conference date for her attorney to speak and negotiate with the prosecutor and get copies of the police reports if he/she has not already done so.

If her bond is around a million dollars, that is an indication that she is accused of a very serious crime or she is deemed a extreme flight risk or both of those things.

I know it must be nerve racking to be in your position, but I would not get too concerned about her being in jail for a month. A million dollar bond is consistent with a crime that could result in many years of imprisonment. Her case will likely drag on for several months, but that is not necessarily to her disadvantage. Most criminal defense lawyers prefer to delay cases as it usually benefits them more than the prosecution. The concern should not be on how many weeks or months she might spend in jail but on whether she is going to spend years in prison.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I failed to tell you she & her boyfriend taken to local police to turn selves in . He was in the position of a gun which she knew nothing about just as she was not aware of his dealings with others. I'm going to talk to her 09/25 because I finally was told she is the only one legally aloud to discuss her case &/or give permission for me to do anything. She is not aware of this nor a lot of other things. Thank you for your time & clear explanation. It has helped me to realize where I start to check on things once she signs for permition. Simple thing like that I didn't know so you put me on the right path. Thanks again, Fond regards, XXXXX