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My soon to be ex spouse forged my name to a debt managment

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My soon to be ex spouse forged my name to a debt managment program after running up bills on my credit cards. She then concealed the fact for months by intercepting the mail.

I live in Florida now but would like to file a criminal complaint. The incident occured when we lived in Illinois, and the debt management company is based in Maryland.

Who do I speak to and how do I make the complaint? Thanks
Hello Jacustomer,

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a criminal lawyer.

If you are looking to get criminal charges pressed, the place where the act occurred is the place that has jurisdiction over the crime. It would appear that your ex did all this from Illinois. So you would need to report this to the Illinois police that serve the area where she lived at the time.

You want to make a formal report to the police and tell them that you would like to have charges pressed. Sometimes, when this involves a spouse, the police will see it as a family court matter and tell you to handle this in civil court. If they do that you can go over the heads of the police and talk to a prosecutor directly and try to get the prosecutor to press charges. They are not bound by what the police think about a case but have complete discretion to determine for themselves what they want to prosecute. If the prosecutor feels this belongs as a suit in civil court, they will tell you so.

And, as a side note, it is a Federal offense to divert or tamper with someone else's mail. You can report that to the US Postal Inspection Service, and they do investigate. They have their own Federal officers who are equivalent in status to the FBI and they take mail fraud seriously. Here's where you can report her. (See link)

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for this information. Just to confirm even though I live in Florida now, I would just call the Chicago PD and start there? Thanks

Hi Bill,

Yup. While you can report it in Florida, they cannot do anything in Chicago as it's outside of their jurisdiction and they have no link to this crime.

So the place where you have to try to get charges pressed is where the offense was committed.
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